And that’s a wrap on the gif


This week has been very informative but also has been filled with its challenges and left me feeling at certain times a little overwhelmed. Throughout this week, I have learned a lot about slack, navigated the pros and cons of an online class, the purpose of domains and developing a digital identity, and all about gifs. Before this week, I had never been exposed to slack before. Whenever I was required to do online work for a class, I usually relied heavily on google docs and Canvas to do my work. Slack was an awesome discovery for me. It reminded me sort of like an educational twitter setting. The ability to DM my classmates directly and my professor allowed for easy communication. With this being an online class, I found that Slack allowed me to connect easily with the rest of my classmates. We were able to talk all together and share our difficulties and work together to find solutions. Slack turned this module into an online community with my classmates that allowed me to extend my digital identity by working and learning through others. The opportunity to develop an online identity is one that I view as something awesome to have in this age of online hyper-communication. It’s a chance for me to control what I wish to put out for others to see. It is a way that I can access and showcase my learning that leads to finished products. Furthermore, taking an online class has been a learning experience in itself. There is something that is awesome about doing a digital studies course online. This is my first online class I have ever taken, and this first week was full of challenges. I have been on vacation since the beginning of this class and only have wifi for about 3 hours of the day. For this reason, being able to connect with my classmates on slack has been an awesome tool. Trying to figure things out online has been a learning experience and stressful, but is something that I am viewing as a positive learning experience and am excited to continue working with my classmates and learning through these modules. Being able to end this week with the final product of a Gif was something really cool for me. I learned how not only to make a gif of my own, but the history behind these pictures. I have seen gifs all over the place but I know the understanding of what makes these pictures so popular. I will definitely use my new skill of making a gif of my own in the future, and am excited to continue learning in this class. Until then…


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