When people hear the word Blog, they probably immediately think of one thing: an online diary. At least that’s what I always thought of when I read blogs. To me, a blog was sort of like an online journal where people could share their thoughts, ideas, and hobbies or vent and reflect about their life. I don’t mean this in a negative connotation. In fact, I personally always loved the idea of blogging and was an avid reader of a few blogs myself. But I never thought I could be a blogger. I did’t think people would care about what I had to say, or if I even had anything interesting to say in the first place. But I think I may have put off blogging without truly understanding it or giving it a try. Blogging can be for everyone and anyone. There are no guidelines or restrictions as to what you can put in your blog, or what the purpose of your blog is for. For that reason I think it’s an important form of self expression people can utilize and share with the world. Blogs are another way we can connect with others in an instant and self form of publication. This interesting web log of literature has become a popular platform for many individuals and businesses across the globe to share their words with others, and I think this has a strong and powerful impact. I am excited to learn more about this “culture” of blogging and why and how it became so popular, and try my own hand at blogging through exploring various blog platforms.

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