Gif-ing out

A gif is worth a thousand words. There’s something about those small, tiny moving pictures that are able to perfectly capture what you are trying to say without you actually just saying it. And if there’s one thing I enjoy, it’s a good gif conversation. Gifs have become very popular across multiple social media platforms and have become a very popular form of expression. I think we all have experienced the fun of searching for the perfect gif to respond to a friend with, but also the frustration when you can’t find the exact one you are looking for.

Myself, like many  others, must admit I love using gifs. I’ve sent them to cheer up a friend who has been in a tough spot. I have received them in multiple ‘gif war’ conversations with my friends where we try to carry on a conversation with nothing but these moving pictures. I’ve even used them in a professional setting at my summer internship as a way to connect with my coworkers and costumers.

But with gifs popping up all over the place, there is something about these tiny  moving pictures that I never really understood. They bring us joy. They entertain us. There are millions of gifs out there perfectly suitable for any conversations or current situation we wish to describe. But they are also voiceless, use low picture quality, and whatever situation we use them in can more than likely easily be replaced with a simple sentence and maybe a laughing emoji to add effect.  Yet for some reason, we are connected to these seemingly meaningless moving pictures, and I think that with the popularity of gifs, and my weird curiosity and obsession with them makes them a good place to start in my Beginners Guide to DGST.

I want to explore how these moving pictures got their start. I want to learn about the connections we have to these pictures and the connections they make between the sender and recipients who use them. And I want to be able to make some connections of my own through creating gifs of me own.

So, here we go. Beginners Guide to DGST Chapter 1: Gifs


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