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So on my first step on my road to being a blogger, I decided to learn more about the culture of blogging and why it is so popular. Now a days, consumers create and consume extraordinary amounts of data. Each updated status, web search, purchase, streamed video, and friend request dictates how we use the internet. Blogging takes the point of control and puts it into the the users. It allows users of the internet to utilize the web as a platform and control the data they put out. People use blogging for a multitude of reasons. It can help showcase a professional/business platform, or can be used for personal reasons. It’s a narration of people’s lives and thoughts, an connects people on a much more personal or individualized setting that can be hard to find on other social media sites. A major basis of the appeal of blogging is its ability of being user friendly. Anyone can blog, and there’s just a bout a million things to blog about. Theres no right or wrong way to share what you love, and there is bound to be an audience who is interested in what you have to say. And even if there isn’t, that’s okay. Blogging can be for the bloggers eyes only if they wish. It is a flexible form of sharing that caters to many needs and makes it a popular web platform.

Now that I learned more about the blogging life, I decided to try my own hand at being a blogger. Because blogging was such a scary task for me, I wanted to play around with different blogging formats, and discover which one I liked best for me. I usually use Word Press for to post my blogs for class, and I have gotten pretty used to and familiar with the setup of the platform. But for this assignment I wanted to try different blogging platforms and see what else is out there. I explored CMS and Blog platforms like Omeka, Grav, and finally, the one I liked the best, Known. Known was described as a simple to use platform for writing a blog, hosting a podcast, or sharing your videos. I liked how user friendly this platform was, and I liked how it allowed me to explore other outlets of blogging like podcasts or video/photo sharing. It helped me realize that there are other forms of blogging other than writing posts and I wanted to be able to learn about and possibly use these other formats. So to start my journey of becoming a blogger, I decided to blog using Known.

Next, it was time to blog. Picking a topic for what I wanted to blog about was a challenge in itself. I know I said how blogging has endless possibilities and can be for and about anything and blogs are supposed to be personal and a reflection of the writer. But they also can serve a purpose towards the audience. Trying to come up with things to blog about that would both be something I wanted to talk about and also be interesting and captivating to my audience was big challenge in itself. I reflected a lot and explored and evaluated a lot of other blogs that seemed popular to other people my age. There are so many types of blogs out there: from beauty blogs to travel guides, and from podcasts to video clips, the types of blogs out there and the formats in which they are used are endless. But they are all personal to what the author wants to say an helps them convey exactly that. So instead of just coming up with one topic and blogging for 3 days about that, I decided to play around with my blogging style and see what I liked best. To do so, I picked 3 random and different topics that were of interest to me and possibly to my audience to blog about. The 3 topics I focused on are food, health, and soccer.

I always loved to write, but I was never very good at keeping journals. Blogging this week has given me an outlet to share my words about things I love and about topics that are a part of me. By telling myself I was going to blog about a certain topic, it made me be accountable for what I was writing. It meant that I promised myself I was going to write about a topic, so I made sure to write about it. At first, it was a check list of things to write about. But after writing my first blog post, I got lost into it. It was no longer something I had to do, it was something I wanted to do. With every blog post, I discovered a voice that I didn’t realize I had. It was therapeutic for me in a way. I think this is why people blog. They don’t blog for an audience, they blog for themselves. They write about things they want to write about. They write about things they are passionate about, that are part of who they are. And maybe they find and connect with people who are like them and want to read their words. That is the power of blogging.

Obviously my blogging style and format is a but messy and all over the place. But that’s okay. Blogging style is supposed to reflect the blogger so hey you guessed it, I do not have a lot of style and am kind of a mess and all over the place. But I am a work in progress and so is my blog.  I loved having an opportunity to try my hand at blogging this week and it’s definitely something I want to keep trying and working at throughout the remainder of this summer class and beyond.


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