Week 5: Mediated Metacognitive Meditation

Today is the day, the last day of Intro to Digital Studies. Its hard to imagine how much material we have covered in such a short amount of time, but I have learned so much over the course of these 5 weeks and have truly expanded my online digital portfolio into something I am proud of.

For this assignment, I decided to go back and restyle my subdomain and domain to make it more personalized and organized.  I also went back and fixed some of the mistakes I made (misspellings, embedment errors, etc.) in my past assignments. I chose these areas because I saw a need for improvement in them as I wanted to be able to have my digital portfolio be a place where I can showcase my work in a way that I am proud of on a platform that is organized, a personalized representation of me, and free of minor mistakes.

The first thing I went focused on was sorting through my old assignments and fixing any errors that needed fixing. This took me all the way back to week 1, with my post on module 1: GIFs. I noticed that my uploaded GIFs were not moving. Since the whole purpose of a GIF is to have it be a moving picture, I knew this was a big issue. I realized my mistake was that I did not properly embed my GIFs into my post. I thought saving my GIFs and uploading them as a media file would be sufficient. But my computer saved them as images and not as a GIF file. Once I realized my mistake, I was able to go back and embed my GIF properly so now it showcases my ability to not only make a GIF, but embed links properly.

As I said, I wanted my digital portfolio to be a good representation of me and who I am. To do so, I went back to make sure that my domain, subdomain, and all posts contained as little to no grammar or spelling mistakes as possible. I have a confession to make. I have always been a lazy speller. I will type and type and spell and spell, but I will never spell check my work. So it was a good thing I went back to look over my work because I found a lot of mistakes. For starters, I noticed many misspellings in my Timeline assignment, so I made sure to fix all of those.

In addition to making sure my portfolio contained as little spelling and grammar errors as possible, I wanted to develop my domain and subdomain to represent me stylistically. I remember at the beginning of this course, I designed my subdomain to be as easy as possible for me to work on. But because I focused on making it something easy to style, it wasn’t really a style I was proud of. So to enhance my subdomain, I decided to completely reconstruct it with a new style and color scheme, and make it more personalized. I enhanced the page with pictures of me and changed the theme to fit with the style of the name of my website: a beginners guide. I wanted my subdomain to be like a beginners guide. I had never taken a digital studies course before a knew this was going to be a learning experience for me. When I think of a guidebook, to me the first thing that pops into my head is an old composition notebook, so I used that as the inspiration to the theme of m subdomain. By changing the style of my subdomain to look more like a guidebook, I think it helps enhance my digital identity by showing how these assignments and my subdomain was a learning process.

My primary domain was an absolute mess. Because all of my posts were uploaded throughout this course on my subdomain, I had not paid a lot of attention to the style aspect on my main domain. If my domain is supposed to be the homepage to my digital portfolio, I wanted it’s focus for style to be a true representation of who I am. So, I first changed the theme into something that was more organized and put together. Personalizing my domain took a lot of time and trial and error. Certain aspects of the site weren’t very user friendly, and it would often take me a long time to figure out how to upload something I wanted on my domain. But after spending quality time doing this, I was able focus my overall look of the domain into something that was organized and visually appealing. I wanted to make the style something simple, but still visually appealing. So I decided to change the style into a lighter color scheme to brighten it up, and reorganized it so that my posts were in numerical order and more easily accessible in a side bar. I figured organizing my domain like this would allow me to easily be able to add to any future content I created, and upload it to help further establish my digital portfolio and the digital identity I wanted to showcase, and overall I am happy with it.

When it comes to meditating on this course, I chose to throw it back all the way to the first week of this course with my favorite assignment of the summer: GIFS! I figured what better way to end the course with bringing it fun circle to where I started. So I decided to use gifs to visualize this course and my struggles and triumphs with it.








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