A Beginners Guide to DGST

My name is Christiana Meyers, but most people know me as Chris. I am a twenty year old Communications Major and Security and Conflict studies minor at the University of Mary Washington, where I will be a junior next semester.  At school, I spend most of my time either on a soccer field (I am a student athlete) or hanging out with my friends. When I am not doing either of those things, I am probably eating, reading, watching a movie, or Face Timing my family.

At first, I was a little hesitant to use a subdomain, as I didn’t really know if I’d be able to understand the technology and setup of how to operate a subdomain. To me, it sounded like a great thing to have, but seemed confusing to setup and use. But as my subdomain name suggests, I didn’t want to let my lack of understanding or fear of confusion keep me from learning.  I plan to use my subdomain to post my assignments and everything I learn in this class so hopefully at the end of this course I will have a better understanding of digital studies and be able to look back and see the development of my ideas regarding digital studies over time. So, I  chose to use a subdomain because I thought it would be a nice way to organize and quickly find my posts for this class, and I really want to work my hardest this semester to challenge myself outside my comfort zone and learn new things relating to digital studies.

This is my first time using a domain, but I am excited to go through this course and learn more about you all, and hopefully you all can learn a little more about me. Sadly, I am pretty addicted to my social media and have a Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and twitter account. Although you could say I am addicted, I mainly view my accounts as a way to stay connected to my friends and, most importantly, my family. All of my extended family and now my sisters don’t live near me anymore. I like to use my social media as a way to stay in touch and feel connected with everyone. I also like to use my social media accounts kind of like an online journal. Obviously it’s a little different than a regular journal as it’s on public display, but for me I like to upload pictures of all the fun things I do and places I go so that I can go and look back at everything I’ve done.