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Chris Meyers

A Pizza My Heart

6 min read

On my road to being a blogger thus far, I have introduced you to my life as a soccer player and informed and educated you about an illness that has effected my life for over 13 years. But today, for this blog, I am about to share with you something that is very near and dear to my heart....

Food. Let's face it, there's a reason people eat food. Sure you can go all scienific and tell me about the biological and metabolic life processes that require energy from food. But what about the joy that comes from food. The smells, the tastes, the connections you make with others over a shared meal. There's nothing better. N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

Okay, maybe that last statement was a bit dramatic. But again like I said, I really love food. And there's one food group that stands out about the others for me: pizza. (Yes, pizza is a food group). Pizza is like blogging: there are endless possibilities. You can have a breakfast pizza, you can try different toppings or suaces, you can make it for dessert and top it with marshmellows and chocolate, and you can get it individualized or bigger than your face. I am Italian, so pizza and I have a close relastionship. 

I believe that I am not alone in my fandom of pizza. But if you are from the DMV area, you may think that your pizza choices are limited to "Dignornio or delivery". That is why I am here. My blog post today is more for your entertainment purposes, but nevertheless, I believe you will find it also informative. I chose to attempt a different style for this post, but I think it willl serve the purpose I have today.

What is that purpose you may ask? Well, I am here to share with you the best places to find pizza in the DMV area, that doesn't come from your regular Pizza Hut, Dominos, or Papa Johns.

(Side note: not saying that these pizza places are bad. As you may have guessed I am a lover of all pizza. But for the purpose of this post I wish to focus on pizza places people may not know of or frequently use to fulfill their pizza needs.)

So here it is... the must visit pizza places that will steal a 'pizza' your heart.

5. Santinis

If there is one thing that we in the DMV could learn from our fellow city friends up in New York, it's how to make pizza. Now whether or not Santinis could be considered close to authentic New York Pizza is probably unlikely, but here in Virginia, it's as close as we can get. You can opt for a slice of classic cheese, or go with the works. However you like it, you can't go worng at Santinis. All of their pizza's are made fresh to order so you will never be dissapointed when that warm slice is placed in front of you. One slice will satiisfy your pizza cravings, but if you go for two I don't blame you.

Pros: Pickup or eat in option, cheap, sells in slice of whole, fast service

Cons: Not the greatest crust (okay so this is the only con but all pizza lovers understand crust can make or break a pizza)

4. We the Pizza

We the pizza is another New York inspired pizza place and carries that city inspiration in every pie it creates. Enjoy an extreme variety of choices, from classic cheese to bbq or vegetarian to meat lovers, by the slice or a medium or large pizza. Thier sauces are delicious, their toppings are fresh, and the crust in the perfect combination of crunchy and soft. Order online and pickup in store, or grab a seat and dine in. Have a business meeting or a party? We the Pizza has you covered. They offer specials for caterring and will meet any party needs you have. Whatever you pizza you decide, make sure to wash it down with one of the restaraunts homemmade fruity sodas. 

Pros: Quality pizza, variety of choices, carry out or dine in

Cons: Not easy access (really have only seen the restaraunt in DC, but its worth a trip into the city.)

3. Tesoro Pizzaria

Tesoro Pizza is a casual pizza eatery with Italian flare. Enjoy a slice of their various hot and delicious pizza in their cozy dining area. Quench your piza cravings a step further, and try their hommeade garlic knots served with a side cup of warmed marinara. With their authentic homemmade sauce and fresh toppings, Tesoro brings a slice of Italy to DC. 

Pros: Authentic Italian food (pizzas and pastas), Best crust I've evere eaten 

Cons: Cash only, small location, not sold by the slice 

2. Benny's

Any pizza lovers dream consists of pizza slices bigger than your head. These dreams come true at Benny's Pizza. Benny's pizza was made famous for its gigantic slices of pizza. With their big porportions comes big flavor. All slices of pizza are made fresh to order. Although your choices are limited to cheese, pepporoni, suasage, or the special of the day, it meets the needs of every pizza lover. Enjoy it by the slice, or put in an order for a whole pie (but be warned, you must pick it up and it does not easily fit through doors.) Again, one slice should satisfy your pizza cravings, but if you go for two...I'm not judging. 

Pros: Huge slices for cheap, fresh and hot pizza

Cons: Only avalable in a couple of locations

1. Mod Pizza

Mod pizza only recently entered the pizza scene, but has since stolen a peice of every pizza lovers heart. Imagine Chipotle, but for pizza. Either choose from a menu of pizzas, or from their multitude of sauces and toppings. All pizzas are made fresh to order and are cooked in a stone pizza oven. When you are done enjoying you personalized pizza made just for you, finish off your meal with Mod's very own Dessert pizza. Made of cinnamin sugr and finished with a vanilla frosting drizzle, it is the perfect end to your pizza meal. Becasue after all, what better time to eat piza, then after just finishing pizza. 

Pros: Cheap, Make your own, fast servie, made fresh to order, many locations

Cons: No delivery or pickup